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Chemical Tanks 28mm 32mm

Chemical Tanks 28mm 32mm

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3D Chemical Tanks Terrain Pieces for Science Fiction (SciFi) Wargaming or Role Playing Games RPG such as Start Wars Legion or Infinity or Warhammer 40k.  Very good with 28mm 32mm miniatures.

You have four options - see the different models in the pictures:
* Vertical Tank
* Horizontal Tank
* Tank Trio (Three Vertical Tanks joined by some machinery)
* Hex of Tanks (Six Vertical Tanks joined by some machinery)
* Four Tank Set - You get all of the models mentioned above.  You get four different (4) pieces.  


See picture with sample 28/32mm miniatures for scale. 
Miniatures and game accessories not included.
Models supplied unpainted and may require assembly.

Printed under an exclusive commercial license with the Thingiverse designer: sablebadger.  If you have your own 3D printer, you can get the model from that has been provided for non-commercial use.

Random Color Option:  This option allows me to manage inventory better - by sending you the most available color.  This option assumes you will be priming / painting the part with some color of your choosing. On multi-part models, you may receive parts of different colors, or even the same part may have multiple colors. Don't be surprised if I send you a pink or zombie green as color - but you get a great price discount.  

3D Printing: FDM 3D printed parts will show small lines where a layer of plastic adheres to the other one, dots and imperfections as a result of the construction process.  Each part is individually made and slightly unique.  Take a look at the pictures for examples of the imperfections. 

Custom Work:  I do custom board game accessory design and construction using FDM 3D Printers.  If you do not see the piece you want, or if you have found a 3D design you want me to print, please contact me.  I can also print your 3D files you find on Thingiverse or anywhere else.  Contact me for custom work.

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